ODAPP官网暴力预防部门的克莱尔·理查兹, Trauma 而且 犯罪学 looks at the Shadow P而且emic of violence against women 而且 girls.

Wednesday the 25 November quietly passed by 而且 for many people in the grip of our national lockdowns, 他们的一天结束了,没有任何重大的记录或结果. ODAPP官网非常清楚新型冠状病毒肺炎病毒的致命风险, 而且 many of us remain apprehensive in adjusting 而且 continuing to take measures to reduce the virulence 而且 impact of the virus.

然而,, there is another global p而且emic in our midst that has endured 而且 will continue to endure longer than Covid -19. Women 而且 their children are victims of the global p而且emic of Domestic Violence 而且 Abuse.  11月25日标志着 国际禁止性别暴力日, 开始了为期16天的终结对妇女暴力的运动, 将于12月10日国际人权日结束.

The United Nations General Assembly adopted a Resolution forty years after the murders in 1960 of the Mirabal sisters, 他反对多米尼加共和国残暴的特鲁希略独裁统治. Their violent deaths shook the world 而且 they became symbols of the struggles of women across the world, 在他们自己的生存和抵抗暴力和滥用权力. The reality of gender-based violence gained greater recognition in being named 而且 defined as follows.

"Gender-based violence is perhaps the most widespread 而且 socially tolerated of human rights violations…it both reflects 而且 reinforces inequities between men 而且 women 而且 compromises the health, 尊严, 受害者的安全和自主"


Covid -19大流行对妇女造成了毁灭性和创伤性后果, 孩子在家中遭受暴力和虐待的妇女. 对于许多, 作为国家或地区封锁措施的一部分,“待在家里”的信息是为了安全, 是一个令人不安的悖论. 他们的家远离安全的地方, 而且 the imposed restrictions of lockdown has greatly increased the risk 而且 perpetration of violence.

学校关闭意味着孩子们只能呆在家里, 对一些人来说,这种限制意味着呆在室内. 在封锁, the constant presence of children in the home created a pressure cooker of tensions which often erupted in violence towards their mother 而且 to the children, 直接地或间接地. 虐待:听到或目睹他人受虐待, 在这种情况下,孩子的母亲被认为是一种精神虐待. This fact is recognised 而且 enshrined within our domestic legislation by the Adoption 而且 Children Act 2002.


值得注意的是, the focus here is on gender-based violence 而且 I am acutely aware of the counter arguments 而且 objections, 男性也被认定为家庭暴力的受害者, 女性也有暴力和虐待的能力. It is important to acknowledge the critical concern of male-partner victimization 而且 likewise the abhorrence 而且 cruelty of women’s violence. 但女性在亲密关系中很少会谋杀自己的伴侣.

英国国家统计局(ONS, 2019) reminds us that half of all women murdered in Engl而且 而且 Wales have been murdered by a current or ex-partner. 事实上, 昨天是国际反性别暴力日, 开展了全国杀害妇女行为普查(2020年). The report reveals that men in the UK were murdering a woman every three days 而且 in the context of an intimate relationship, 每四天就有一个女人被男人谋杀.

这些都是令人深思的赤裸裸的统计数据, 尤其是当ODAPP官网停下来想想自己的家庭时, ODAPP官网的朋友, ODAPP官网的邻居和ODAPP官网的工作场所. 家庭暴力的本质有时意味着, 就像新冠病毒一样, 这是不可见的. 然而,当ODAPP官网注意到眼前这个女人的恐惧和痛苦时 问她还好吗? 女人经常说她们觉得自己被忽视了,或者没有人注意到她们. 封锁期间, service providers in the frontline of domestic violence support reported that it was ‘too quiet out there’ (Øverlien, 2020, p.382). The reality of retreat 而且 staying indoors for some victims meant that they became less visible 而且 unnoticed.


在暴力预防部工作, Trauma 而且 犯罪学 we are very privileged to work with wonderful 而且 diverse groups of students who are studying for a Masters degree in 理解家庭暴力和性暴力.

通常, we would facilitate a conference or training event with other agencies 而且 professionals who work directly with victims/survivors 而且 perpetrators of violence. The event would also promote the white ribbon as an internationally recognised symbol in activism towards the eradication of gender-based violence. 然而,今年情况有所不同. On the 25 November we facilitated a twilight session with students to discuss 而且 reflect on our experiences over the last eight months or so, 关于新冠肺炎大流行期间的家庭暴力和虐待问题.

ODAPP官网分享了孩子们的经历, of women as victims 而且 from the position of service providers supporting 而且 advocating for victims. There was an overwhelming sense among us of the devastating impact of lockdown 而且 the lack of direct access to support for victims. We also recognised the stoic 而且 compassionate commitment of services 而且 individuals to meet the enormity of challenges in protecting victims. 许多人在艰难的环境中为他人承担了重大责任, 一些同事已经到了精疲力竭的边缘.


“Thinking of all the victims of domestic violence who all over the world are going through a very difficult time during this p而且emic.  让ODAPP官网作为一个社会伸出援手,尽ODAPP官网的绵薄之力来帮助他们.  谢谢你,克莱尔, 贝弗利和霍莉今天的演讲非常有趣, we are dealing with the same challenges in 马耳他 but we must all keep strong until hopefully this p而且emic will become a thing of the past”.

来自科莱特·马斯基耶维奇,家庭暴力组的高级社会工作者.  马耳他.

“自大流行开始以来,许多支持系统一直在远程工作, 因此, 这对ODAPP官网的服务用户打击很大. 最重要的机构, 这就是法庭, ODAPP官网的客户每天只需要工作几个小时, 很少, 时间间隔很长. 这是可以理解的,但是这会影响ODAPP官网的客户. 

Work too has been seriously hit 而且 many of our service users are either out of a job or working reduced hours due to lack of work.Other women who are lucky enough to work from home are not given the right space 而且 proper time, 和他们的伴侣在家里, 他们让自己的生活非常困难.

这一切, 而且 other issues are having a negative impact on the social workers 而且 other professionals working within our agency. ODAPP官网主要致力于危机干预, 甚至把一个女人送到收容所本身就是一项壮举.

We had one good break-through, 而且 that is what my colleague mentioned which is the police hub. 这极大地帮助了ODAPP官网.”


The 16 days of activism as annual event reminds us of the harm 而且 lethality of domestic violence 而且 abuse. 为全世界的受害者和幸存者, 因为恐惧,没有地方比得上家, 闭门孤立和虐待. 安全的空间, 无论他们在家里之外的任何地方,任何可以接触到的地方, 让孩子暂时远离虐待. ODAPP官网可以带着同情和关心来考虑妇女的经历. 但是,防止对妇女的暴力行为需要的不仅仅是被动的同理心. It requires each 而且 every one of us to take positive action to support campaigns to eliminate violence, 成为为妇女和她们的孩子发声的倡导者, 戴上白丝带,更多地参与讨论. 它需要你我付出更多.

心理学 can help us underst而且 the world around us 而且 we can specialise depending on our interests in 心理学 or 犯罪学克莱尔·M·理查德 is am a feminist scholar 而且 social scientist whose teaching 而且 research within the Centre for Violence Prevention relates to the study 而且 prevention of violence

本博客所表达的所有观点不代表个人观点, OD官网APP下载或其任何合作伙伴的政策或意见.


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